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Nevada Taxpayers Association's
Recommendations for a sound fiscal policy
Members of the Nevada Legislature got a gentle reminder March 9 that their collective history of ignoring the business cycle means chronic hardship for Nevada taxpayers. At the very time that taxpayers' income is reduced or stagnant, Silver State taxpayers are "often asked to contribute more to maintain government budgets; yet, when their income is improving, they do not see any attempt to reduce their tax liability," wrote NTA President Carole Vilardo.

You can download NTA's thoroughly recommendations by clicking here.


The ‘48th in the Nation’ Ruse
Civil society and freedom, not big government and politics, hold the key to solving Nevada’s 'social ills'.


Official Claptrap 2

Independent economists said over two years ago that Guinn administration justifications for the huge 2003 tax increases were not credible. A reprise on a key commentary, now that state revenues have proved it, and the independent economists it reported on, correct.


Research study:
Nevada's 2003 Tax Increases:
Underlying Assumptions and Resulting Impact. (Follow up to the CPR study, below)


Research study:
The March 2003 CPR Study:
The famed first analysis released in March 2003 by Demographic Solutions, Inc. of the Guinn administration's proposed 2003-2005 budget. Originally
dismissed by administration and other tax proponents, the CPR study's revenue and expense forecasts were subsequently proven sound, while the official forecasts proved political in the worst sense.